TitanADSL Add 24Mb Unlimited Broadband Packages

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TitanADSL Add 24Mb Unlimited Broadband Packages

The choice of broadband packages available in the UK is set to increase as TitanADSL announce the launch of four new unlimited broadband packages with speeds up to 24Mbps.

The headline 24Mbps unlimited TitanADSL broadband package costs £22 per month and comes with a short 30 day contract period. There’s also no exit charges if you leave after the initial period.

TitanADSL made the following statement, “For the past few weeks we have chosen a selection of customers to participate in trials of our new unlimited broadband plans.”

“Our new plans come in 4 choices – 8Mbps unlimited with 1.3Mbs upload & 12 month contract, 24Mbps Unlimited with 1.3Mbs upload & 3 month contract, 24Mbps with 2.5Mbs upload and finally 24Mbps with 1Mb upload & 1 month contract.”

The 24Mbps broadband with a 1 month contract is ideal for customers who would like to try out the new speed to see if it is worthwhile. After the 1 month customers can cancel at any time and without any cancellation fees charged.

The statement continued, “All participants have had a positive impact in terms of performance and usage allowance. We have also catered for users not able to receive our unlimited plans with new fixed capped services ensuring customers receive solid service. All services come with no port blocking or throttling.”

One thought on “TitanADSL Add 24Mb Unlimited Broadband Packages

We have been on Titan’s unlimited service for around a week and so far it is going extremely well considering we have downloaded in excess of 200GB + in our shared Uni flat. Our sync rate is 21468 and we download at full speed at 2 – 2.1Mbs which so far is better than o2.
We will be letting everyone know about Titan

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