BT Launches I-Plate To Increase Broadband Speeds

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BT Launches I-Plate To Increase Broadband Speeds

BT has today launched the BT I-Plate filter to help increase customers broadband speeds.

Available at the BT online shop for just £11.74, the BT I-Plate is a unique filter that helps stop any interference affecting the broadband signal.

Commenting on the launch, a spokesman for BT said, “We think that the I-Plate can certainly play a part in delivering higher broadband speeds to people suffering poor performance.”

Problems with broadband connection speeds are often caused by interference to the broadband signal by other household appliances such as microwaves and telephones. The BT I-Plate stops all this interference and in tests has proved to increase speeds by 1.5Mbps and even up to 4Mbps.
The I-Plate is now on sale at the BT Shop website, with the company expected to launch a large marketing campaign in the summer to drive awareness and sales.

Statistically it is thought that around 7 out of 10 homes will be able to use the new I-Plate from BT.

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