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Orange Broadband Tops Ofcom Customer Satisfaction

Orange Broadband ( has been rated as the UK’s number one for customer satisfaction in a recent Ofcom survey of 3,000 customers from the top 5 broadband providers in the UK.

Orange had the lowest customer satisfaction levels for its home broadband service back in 2009 with 42%, it now tops the board with 76% following significant investment in how it delivers broadband to its customers.

Commenting on the news, a spokesperson from Orange said: “Since 2009 we have been working hard to make significant improvements in the area of home broadband, with a particular focus on improving the customer experience. We have been investing in the way we deliver broadband to our customers, ensuring greater reliability and speed of service”.
They continued: “We continue to offer the best home broadband value in the market and look forward to providing further service and experience improvements for our customers in the future”.
Orange currently offer its existing mobile phone customers 3 months free home broadband and calls, followed by a discounted £7.50 per month thereafter.
Non Orange mobile phone customers need to pay £12.50 a month for the package which offers up to 20Mbps unlimited home broadband speeds together with unlimited evening & weekend phone calls to UK landlines.

Extras like free HMV vouchers and 2-for-1 cinema tickets with Orange Wednesdays are also included with all EE Broadband packages.

Readers can find out further information about Orange Home Broadband at the website.

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