Offers Fibre Optic Broadband For £16.49

Latest Broadband Deals Offers Fibre Optic Broadband For £16.49

Plusnet ( is offering its new 40Mbps fibre optic broadband service, known as Plusnet Fibre, for just £16.49 a month.
Rated as one of the best value fibre optic broadband services on the market, Plusnet Fibre uses ’Fibre to the Cabinet’ (‘FTTC’) technology which connects telephone exchanges to street cabinets using faster fibre optic links.

At the time of writing around 5 million UK homes have access to Plusnet Fibre, with 10 million (40% of UK homes) expected to have access to the faster speeds and bandwidth by next summer.
Recent customer trials of Plusnet Fibre have seen users triple their broadband speed from 2-12Mbps to speeds of 30Mbps or more.

Plusnet has two fibre optic broadband packages available, Plusnet Value Fibre and Plusnet Extra Fibre. Both have speeds up to 40Mbps, but differ on the usage allowance.
Plusnet Value Fibre, priced from £16.49 a month, gives customers a 40GB monthly download usage allowance, with free usage between the hours of midnight and 8am.
Plusnet Extra Fibre, priced from £21.49 a month, has a higher 120GB monthly usage allowance and also comes with the free overnight usage.
A free wireless router is included in both packages, while a £50 charge applies for the engineer assisted installation – though this can be avoided if a customer takes one of the Plusnet Fibre packages with a Plusnet Home Phone package.

Around the clock, award-winning, telephone support is also available from the Plusnet team based in Yorkshire.
Interested readers can find out whether they live in a Plusnet Fibre area at the website.

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