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Orange Customers Get £5 p/m Off Mobile Broadband

Orange ( has launched an exclusive £5 per month discount across its mobile broadband deals as part of a refresh of its mobile broadband offering.
The £5 monthly discount is only available to existing Orange pay monthly, pay as you go and home broadband customers as the company continues its strategy of rewarding its existing customers with the best value.
The refresh also sees the launch of new Dolphin and Racoon mobile broadband packages that come with either a one or 12 month contract period.
The new Orange Dolphin plans, priced from £15 a month, offer mobile broadband speeds up to 7.2Mbps with a 1GB monthly download allowance.
An additional 1GB of data allowance, available from midnight to 4pm, is also available on specific Dolphin plans as is unlimited public Wi-Fi via BT Openzone.
The new Racoon packages, designed for the occasional mobile broadband user, include a pay as you consume option at 5 pence per megabyte (MB), with existing Orange customers not having to pay the £5 monthly subscription.

Racoon’s second plan offers a 500MB monthly data allowance available on either a one or 12 month contract with prices starting from £10 a month for non Orange customers.
The Orange E1752 dongle is included for free in all 12 month contract tariffs, while those opting for the pay as you consume or 1 month contract options will need to pay a one-off £15 or £29 depending on whether they take the Dolphin or Racoon plan.
Readers can find out more at the website.

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