Plusnet Offers Good Honest Broadband From Yorkshire

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Plusnet Offers Good Honest Broadband From Yorkshire

Plusnet ( the providers of good honest broadband from Yorkshire, has launched a UK-wide broadband price promise claiming they won’t be beaten on price.
The ISP, which already provides up to 20Mbps broadband speeds for just £6.49 a month, is guaranteeing new and existing customers that if they find a lower price for a broadband only package, then Plusnet will beat it.
This impressive customer price promise is a ‘first’ in the UK broadband market and enables customers to order Plusnet Broadband online with confidence, knowing they have the best deal on the market.
Commenting on the price promise, Jamie Ford, the CEO of Plusnet, said: “We are committed to offering the nation good, honest broadband from Yorkshire, at a price that can’t be beaten”.
Ford continued: “We believe our price-beating promise is an Industry first and means that our customers not only get great customer service and fast speeds, but can have it at the lowest price on the market”.

Plusnet are running their first ever TV adverts, featuring a Yorkshire terrior called Samson, to raise awareness across the UK of its broadband price promise.
Other Yorkshire icons set to appear in Plusnet Broadband’s new look advertising include Yorkshire teacakes, 1980’s Sheffield band Heaven 17 and the rolling Yorkshire hills.
Plusnet Broadband is available on a 12 month contract, with a no contract option also available so long as customers pay Plusnet up front for the wireless router (cost is £40).
Readers can find out more at the website, which includes information on the company’s new 12 months half price offer (£3.24 per month).

2 thoughts on “Plusnet Offers Good Honest Broadband From Yorkshire

We switched to Plusnet a week ago. And we have been without Internet for… eh… one week. Having spent a fortune on calls to various people, I have now bought a mobile dongle, while I wait and wait and wait for someone to fix it. We’ve not heard a peep in four days.
Britain’s ‘cheapest’ broadband has cost us £50-£100 in a week, with no service whatsoever. The thing that baffles me is that my previous ISP and this one are both resellers of BT – it’s only a matter of switching a switch and changing the billing isn’t it?
Now if Jamie Ford, Plusnet’s CEO, changed his electricity, water or gas provider, how long would he think was acceptable for the service to be down, 7 seconds, 7 minutes, 7 hours or 7 days? If it was more than 7 seconds, I think he’d be demanding compensation. So Jamie, how about getting your broadband service sorted out before going on the publicity drive? Didn’t you learn anything from Bulldog (Cable and Wireless) and TalkTalk (Dixons)’s fiascos?
As they say in Yorkshire: “you don’t get ought for nought”…
Good? Nay lad. Honest? Nay lad. Cheap? Nay lad. Broadband? Nay lad.

Sorry to hear of the problems you’ve had since switching to us Andy, I’ve seen your similar post over on our Community Site. I’m going to ask one of my team to take personal ownership of getting this fault resolved for you. They’ll reply on the Community Site later today and will try and give you a call.

Kind Regards,
Chris Parr
Plusnet Support

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