Offers Sky Sports HD On Virgin

Latest Broadband Deals Offers Sky Sports HD On Virgin

Virgin Media ( has added Sky Sports HD1 and Sky Sports HD2 to its High Definition TV line up with customers able to watch the premium channels from the 2nd of August.
Existing Virgin Media customers already subscribing to a Virgin TV package containing Sky Sports in standard definition need only pay an additional £7 a month on top of their TV package for the HD subscription.

The Virgin Media V HD set top box is required and is currently free of charge, while the V+HD box costs a one-off £49.
New customers considering joining Virgin Media can choose from 3 specially created football TV packages. These cost from £27.50 a month and include 65 digital TV channels, Sky Sports HD1 and HD2, Sky Sports 3 and 4, Sky Sports News, plus unlimited UK weekend landline calls.
On demand catch up TV services like the BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player, 4OD and the Virgin 1 Player are also included in the package and can be watched on Virgin TV.
Commenting on the launch, Virgin Media’s Executive Director of Digital Entertainment, Cindy Rose, said: “As the new home of HD telly, we’re delighted to bring our customers Sky Sports in HD at incredibly competitive rates.
Rose continued: “With the rapid growth of HD content, customers are demanding more and more from their TV service, and with our growing range of HD channels and on demand content in HD, Virgin Media is the best place for the whole families’ entertainment needs”.
Ten Sky Movies HD channels have also been added, which together with the forthcoming additions of Sky1 HD and Sky Arts HD brings Virgin Media’s total number of HD channels to 30.
Virgin Media’s HD sport line up also includes ESPN HD, EuroSport HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD with the latter three not costing any additional subscription cost.

Interesed readers can find out more and build their own TV, broadband, phone and Sky Sports bundle at the website.
Readers can also review Sky’s own Sky Sports HD offer with free broadband and phone calls at the website – with new customers subscribing to Sky+HD online also qualifying for a free £50 Marks & Spencer voucher.

143 thoughts on “ Offers Sky Sports HD On Virgin

we subscribe to the xl package which is your top package and have been waiting for these channels to arrive in hd.we now find you want another £7 a month on top of the £80 odd we alredy pay.sort it or we are off elsewhere and we wont be alone.disgusting.not expecting a reply as i never got one when i complained about my mobile phone reception.where abouts in india will you be reading this.not a happy customer.

Mrs Tracy Burrows

Hi Tracy

Thanks for posting your comments. We are a broadband news website covering all broadband, digital TV and phone news in the UK, so would recommend you contact Virgin Media directly to discuss your package.

It might also be worth reading here about Sky’s own Sky Sports HD offer with free broadband and calls which costs circa £49 a month.

Kind regards

we subscribe to the xl package which is your top package and have been waiting for these channels to arrive in hd.we now find you want another £7 a month on top of the £80 odd we already pay. i have been a virgin customer for at least 15 years and were promised these channels in the near future but didnt think i would have to pay extra for them i could get the same package from sky for less , come on show some loyalty to your genuine and loyal customers .
george mcintosh .

george mcintosh

I also have XL tv and XL broadband. I also subscribe to Sky sports 1 2 & 3. As I understand it Virgin will now require another £7 per month taking my bill to over £100 pounds per month. If this is indeed the case I will have to look at other service providers as Virgin works out far to expensive.

I wont be paying extra to watch a bunch of over rated, over hyped bottlers running round a field in a picture quality which is over rated and over hyped.

Ive only been a customer for just under 2weeks now since installing,Iwas missold the package id required told for £49.50 would get sports/film channels, not so,After engineer left scrolled through no movies,Informed thy dont offer that package at all.Then my first weekend network went downall sat night,Came back on sun,Then went off again after rugby,After complaining got £12 credit,Talked into paying £56.50per month, Advised that skysports is about to be released, thered be no additional costs for H/D sports as ive already got the V+HD BOX. Now being advised theres an additional £7. It a discrace, total con all the way through Eversince the first telephone conversation, Promised a package to draw you in then leave you to fight an haggle,Would deffinatly go with SKY,unfortunatly cannot have a dish.Your charging a price thats discusting for a service that another provider does not EXPLOIT. Thanks for the news today, but comes at a price again.

Again virgin bring us hd which is brilliant for the customer then go and spoil ti by charging an extra 7 quid a month great loyalty shown again times are hard for everyone but why take more money surely it could be given for free do you not make enough out of us

recently joined virgin from sky-have phone/broadband + tvhd package – was happy until i heard about the extra £7 for the skysports hd channels – cant say i’m delighted !! will be taking another look at providers….

after splashing out over £100 pounds last year on a hd v box .and mainly getting it because i wanted to watch my sport in high def media decide to charge us for skysports 1 and 2 dissapointed in this because we as a house hold, are on the xl pakage and paying over £83.00 pounds amonth on that now..i think its an in justice that virgin media are chargeing us yet again . am seriously considering changeing to sky broadband and getting rid od my box.



we paid for a v+ box for hd channels, we were told that when hd was available we would be able to view these channels. we were not informed that there would be a charge of £7.00 a month. our bills are expensive enough without having to pay for ‘hd’ (which we thought the service was going to be a free).??????

julie mckenzie

nice one virgin!yet more increases for so called hd !carry on the way you are doing and you will have no customers left !!!,have spoke lots virgin customers like me,all sick of ridiculous prices,wake up, these are hard tiimes,im seriously now considering freeview,as you are too expensive.should be bringing prices DOWN not up !!!

I thought XL customers already paying for Sky Sports would recieve Sky Sports HD for free. I like watching Golf on Sky Sports and see that this week it has been switched to Sky Sports 3 & 4. Is this deliberate Mr Murdock? I certainly will not be paying an extra £7 on top of my current £78. I hope Virgin realise that many of their loyal customers will now start to check out the market for an alternative.

I too am an xl subscriber and am disgusted at the addirional charge of£7 you want to impose for the hd sports channels. the existing charges are quite high enough. I changed to Virgin because I wasn’t satisfied with Sky’s customer service and support – not so sure now I’m any better off.

Michael Canny

well well well i have a top of the range package with virgin costing over£100 a mohth now they are asking for a further £7 a month for a few more hd channels i dont think so, im sure that when my contract ends in oct i shall be able to negotiate a more cost effective deal with sky a very very unhappy customer.

The simple fact is Sky have completely mugged off VM. They now have all of VM’s channels in an extremely good deal, are the only broadcasters to offer all Sky Sports in HD and have left VM XL/VIP customers fuming that they have no reduction in the price for Sky Sports and have to pay £7 per box for two measley HD sports channels (assuming they, like me, dont care about movies)
And after working it out Sky are now CHEAPER if you want Sky Sports in HD plus the bonus of far more HD channels. A real shame.

Virgin have breached all customer contract rights. Everyone i know on Virgin who like me has the full xl package with broadband and phone line was told that if you already receive movies and skysports would get these future hd channels included in there package price. An extra £7 a month? – Shove it! I also have two extra boxes and my bill is already roughly £110 a month. Stick the extra £7 on for hd and i know i can get a much much better deal with sky. I know i’m only half way through my latest contract with virgin but surely as explained above if everyone i know and all of you are saying the same that we were all told it would be free then we should have the right to cancel. SORT IT VIRGIN OR EXPECT A SUDDEN FALL IN CUSTOMERS!

i,m on xl package and got the v+box you said that hd is free when you buy the v+box, now your going to charge us 7 pounds a month if we have sports 1+2. total rip off, i,ll be looking else where

stewart cruden

This is a disgrace Im on xl & have v+box now virgin are wanting more money for skysports1hd & 2 no way will I be paying anymore, will just change over to sky. Should have stayed with sky in the 1st place.


Some months ago I recall reading that Sky had reduced the cost of supplying Sky Sports packages and that Virgin Media Subscribers could expect their charges to be reduced accordingly. Whatever happened these reduced charges? Instead we now find that we will have to pay more if we want the HD package!

just discovered i need to pay another £7 for the new hd channels on sky sports.not happy as i pay over £100 pounds for the xl package and 3 extra boxes.looks like i’ll be going back to sky.if anyone from virgin reads this you should seriously have a re-think about this decision or you will be losing a lot of people.

Like the Virgin Customers above I was excited to find that what was intimated when I signed my contract finally happened. Very disappointed to find it will cost me an extra £7 a month I suppose I will have to wait until my contract finishes before considering my options but if Virgin feels it can treat its loyal customers like fools What goes around comes around

Charles Thornton

I have three boxs one of which is a v+ box. iwas told there would be no extra charge for xl customers however, this does not seem to be the case. This is pure greed on virginmedias part and when you phone to complain you are put through to someone with no english who cannot understand regional accents. The whole service is a farce thnx for nothing virginmedia.

Like all the above customers I think the way you have treated us is a disgrace. When I joined Virgin I took out the V= box and top package. At the time of speaking to your advisor I queried whether more HD channels would be available e.g. Sky Sports. I was told that due to a legal battle this was delayed. At no time was I informed then when such channels became available I would have to pay more. I took out the HD package when then must I have to pay more to get them. It’s a con and I’m off back to Sky

John Cavanagh

Absolutely disgusted!!!!I’ve been with you since almost the year dot.You charged me £70 for the HD box with absolutely no mention of further payments when HD channels came on stream.Richard(Dick)Murdoch(Turpin)should hang his head in shame.I am an XL customer-have you no conception that hard times are upon us-or are pensioners or the least well off not considered.GREED IS NOT GOOD!!!!

Just like everyone else on here I have the XL package and also the XL broadband and pay £96 per month! To charge extra for these HD channels is a joke! We pay enough and if I had of know you would have charged extra I woul not have signed up! I too feel that we have web miss sold.

Anthony Thompson & Zoe Love

they are greedy been with virgin for 10 years no deals for exsisting customomers can get free router for broaband although if i downgrad fro 20mb broadband they will give me one how does that work? take take take i was informed by there customer services that all hd channels would be free with the xl service pay 100 pound a mounth its a joke going to look elsewere.

pay another £7 that will be right I am already paying over £100 remember nobodies wages are rising nowadays get a grip virgin

It is indeed a little bit cheeky, but you all seem to be moaning about paying 7 quid for 2 ‘measly’ HD sport channels, yet the aforementioned £7 quid also covers 10 movie channels, sky 1 HD and sky arts… just my twopenneth..

just booked the sky rep to come and quote for dish wont be allowed to rip me off.

Being a pensioner i have the basic package… i already pay the £7 for the new hd box… However Im not imperssed byVirgin or Sky. Coming from north of the border, it appears to me that Sky in particular are more interseted in those in the south when it comes to broadcasting any sports. football for one. We pay our fee to watch the premiership, then match of the Day. the SPL is pushed out to third rate ESPN . Which people on basic pack dont receive . If I had my way there would be no SKY tele north of the border at all. As for Virgin and Richard Branson I’m surprised they allow themself’s to be pushed around like a wet rag by SKY TV…

just got the v+box nice it is samsung same as my tv is to, the engineer told my virgin had just sold virgin 1 to sky and you should be getting more HD channels from sky but did not say i would be paying for then, will sky pay extra for virgin 1.
if i cancel my XL package and and sine up again will i get then included then ?

donald shardlow

What an awful piece of marketing. Mr. Branson you should sack your marketing team or should I say your RIP OFF TEAM. There is no justification for charging your existing customer this £7 for these new HD channels – nothing but pure greed from the “man of the people” , After all these years of building up a great customer base to compete against SKY , you degenerate such customers with this unworthy hike in prices for HD and will. in my opinion, and quite justifyiabley see a mass exodus of your customers elsewhere. Why oh why didn’t you just provide these new HD CHANNELS for free … and milllions of sky subscribers would have joined us instead of us going to join SKY sack your marketing team and think of the people.

Virgin media stated that the extra HD channels would be at no extra cost because of their recent price increase’s?

I to like everybody else is so disappointed ipay over £100. per month and and was expecting the HD to be free. the package was xl and HD free so why should we pay any extra.I was also told that what ever we recieved down stairs on the main tv i would get on the upstairs tv also and this worked out not to be the case so i was taken inn yet again. Iwill therfore be looking at what i can get else where.

Christine Phillips

Totally agree with what everyone else is saying regarding this extortionate charge.
Other channels manage to provide their HD service for free – but not Virgin.

I for one will NOT be paying ANYTHING extra to watch HD, in fact I am seriously considering swapping to a different supplier. Total rip-off.


I like most of the above have the XL package and I feel that it is very unfair to be charged another seven pounds to watch these sports channels that I already pay for I will have to look for another supplier to watch HD without paying more for it, I believe I would be better off going back to sky so come on virgin media do something for the many loyal customers who have been with you for many many years.

Right where do I start with Virgin!!!!! HUH crap!!!! In my old house with sky no issues and service worked constantley and no issues with language barriers when adjusting my service over the phone! Moved house and thought will give virgin ago. Phoned up and asked for the ‘full package’, with sky that all channels ie sports, movies the lot. Told £50 all in phone etc. Gets fitted and when technician leaves no sports or other channels. I then phone up and ask, they didnt tell me about an additional cost I then had to pay. 2 days later phone stops working! Then broadband stops. TV freezes watching the world cup in the HD with a house full 30+ times in a 90min match!! Get box changed to the samsung box and working very average! Now this HD charged bloody joke, sky dont charge. Phone and say virgin aint keeping to their side of the contract if you want out!!!

Fortunately, I have a rolling contract (£80 plus per month) with Virgin as a result of being with them for the last 4 years. Talk about rip off…the movie channels seem to show the same movies ALL THE TIME !!Te movie package is a total waste of time. In addition, when sky decide to show their sports via the red interactive button, we are screwed. When last have I watched a movie that I never saw before on any of the movie channels??! I’m off to sky’s website to see what deals they have on offer….Bye Bye Virgin!!

I have to echo all the above comments. How can this extra £7 charge be justified? My monthly bill averages between £90 and £100 for the XL package which I consider to be more than enough for the average service I receive. I have been a customer for at least 15 years and remained loyal throughout – is it too much to expect some loyalty in return after all this time?

i agee i pay over £80 and virgin media want another £7 can not wait for sept i am off to sky or bt

It looks like VM just got too greedy. Adding bits which cost “just” a few more quid per month here and there, and before you know it, you wake up and realise you’re shelling out over £100 a month
( + your tv licence fee don’t forget) I think the £7 extra for sky HD channels rip- off is the last straw. I will be leaving VM after 15 years which is a shame. Simple fact is, I can no longer afford you VM!

disgusting….i pay 80 pound a month already for your so called XL package and sky sports .on this package we already receive hd channels on bbc ,itv,fiver and more free of charge so why when we already pay an extra £20 for your sky sports package must we then pay this pathetic £7 for the privilage of sports in hd!!!. if this continues to be the case myself and i’m sure many of your your other customers will be dropping the service in favour of a supplier who will not try to exsploit its loyal customers… think on virgin media!.

I will be looking to change to BT or Sky,they seem to be cheaper.I can see where Richard Branson made his millions,from mugs like us.

I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years, have the full V+Box, XL, Broadband, Phone package etc costing over a grand a year! It’s the year 2010 and is it too much to expect, as promised, the full HD coverage as is possible without asking for an extra £84 per annum?
Loyal customers are now seeing the light, and unfortunately Virgin, this might just now be in the Sky.

Tracey Telford

I think it is a disgrace that we should be charged £7 extra for HD on Sky if I paid and used HD would i not have to pay for the ordinary sky sports channel as I cannot view two channels at same time, I think Virgin should reconsider this issue because it is going to cost customers to Sky who offer HD as part of package and is also cheaper I for one will not pay nearly £100 for a TV service which I can get cheaper and possibly better from a competitor

Like all the other customers, I am so angry at Virgin Media. When I moved from Sky to Virgin in Feb of this year I agreed to the XL package but at the time SPECIFICALLY asked about Sky HD channels. I was told they’re coming soon and WILL BE FREE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS WHO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SKY PACKAGE! Now I find I am asked to pay an extra £7 – this comes under the category of mis-selling a product! I am awaiting a response from Virgin (who of course are now Sky!).

As usual, big companies being greedy, £7.00 to have hd, it should be free to all xl customers. Will have to consider other options, as times are hard for proper person.

I was so excited to find Virgin Media now had sky sports 1 & 2 in HD. What a rip off to find that I have to pay an extra £7.00. This is £7.00 to watch channels that I already pay for just with a so called better picture. Virgin / Sky tv are all getting far too greedy and it’s all to pay for over paid footballers. Sort this out and quick or I like many others will simply revert to freeview.

I also pay over £100 also and extra £5 for picturebox which has rubbish on it most of the time and now another £7 for something else,not worth it they’ll only take away in a couple of years and still expect us to pay.

very happy with virgin media + excellent but having to pay extra for HD .WHY??????????????????????????????BBC free /ITV free everyone else HD free ?????????????????????????????? enough is enough

i am an xl customer with a v+box and a standard box in another room i pay 80 odd pounds a month for my package.and will not be bullied into paying another 7 pounds i will be looking elsewhere when my contract is up,a very unhappy customer.

Iam disgusted the way virgin treat there customers,we have been with you 18 years,and you want more money,we was told these hd channels will be FREE with our hd box,you are not conning me,goodbye virgin.

As all the other comments left on here i too have been a loyal customer for 12 years and subscribe to the xl package making my bill to over £80 per month. I think that it is disgusting that you expect customers who are already paying over the odds to pay £7 extra for channels that they already have but are in HD, i have been at my wits end with virgin just lately due to cock up after cock up and never being able to make any sense when you phone about an issue as your not understood and i will definately be looking at recieving my services from elsewhere when my contract is ready for renewal.

Joanne Statham

bought v+plus box to receive hd now you want to charge more to watch it its a rip off. i am 71years old and i have phone,broadband and xl tv package from you on average £65 monthly. i will now be looking at sky for better deal or going back to freeview. very disappointed customer.

anthony rannigan

Got V+ box but not for much longer, join because SKY don’t know how to treat customers, and now I find that virgin are the same so may as well go back to SKY at least you get everything in HD and the cost doesn’t keep changing, so disappointed.

WAKE UP VIRGIN, your product can’t complete with SKY and now your customer service is going the same way

Victor Foster

After just changing from Sky to Virginmedia, we were told by the salesperson on the phone that Sky Movies and Sky Sports HD would come available it would cost no extra on the XL package that we already pay, only to find out this was a total lie and would cost an additional £7.00 per month. Please train your staff to tell the truth in future and stop misleading people, had I known an extra cost would be charged I WOULD NOT HAVE CHANGED!!!!!!! I find this totally unexceptable, and what are you going to do about it????????????

Much the same as every body else to be charged extra when not only on the xl package but on the V.I.P package and now find out that other customers that were already with virgin when they got the V+ box got to keep there old box and have it installed free ,I will no longer be recomendig Virgin and will possibly find another supplier £100+ a month must be able to get better

i agree with the rest of the comments, been a customer with virgin for a long time,they have the cheak to charge extra £7, a month for the hd channels,i shall be looking around.

Maybe its time to find a hobby get some fresh air cos watching tele is getting far to expensive tell em to stick it where the sun dont shine.

I would assume that an awful lot of virgin customers will be migrating to SKY due to the decision to charge an extra £7 per month for the HD package especially for people already paying over £100 per month for their package.I stick with Virgin due to the email address which would be a pain to change bur this could be the straw that “breaks the camels back”. Come on Virgin , due the right thing for once and roll this out inclusive.

Don’t know why everybody is moaning about paying the extra £7 for SkySports HD,if you’re with Sky they charge you £10!! Don’t forget you also get the movie channels in HD so its still cheaper than Sky.

totaly confused been a customer for many years will soon look at going back to sky. why tell us your going to give free hd then charge us 7.00 extra to view hd im xxl package 50 meg broadband plus phone. disgusting virgin sort this out or you will lose customers. as you can read above comments from your loyal customers

For what we receive via Virgin does not equate with the Sky packages costwise.There are still programmes that are exempt to Virgin customers and now to ask for another £7 is a disgrace.If I wanted to switch to Sky I would have to pay a reconnection fee to BT for my phone which is over £100.

As all the other comments made will not be paying the extra £7 and will be looking at some far better offers around

Well I’m pleased to see there are are lots of people feel the same way as we do, what a cheek. I will certainly be comparing my Virgin package price with Sky, how you’ve got the nerve to suggest that you’re delivering some kind of bargain charging ‘only’ £7 a month for very limited HD access is beyond me, I’m a loyal customer of many years standing, but I really feel this is a greedy move that I cannot tolerate.


It’s a no brainer I’m paying over £100 it looks like SKY are better value why does VIRGIN insist on losing loyal customers and good payers it’s silly

im a virgin media customer and have v+ hd box i was so happy when i saw all the hd channels sky sports and movies were coming on virgin. I also left sky 2 join up with virgin and i am not happy that people like me have 2 pay an extra £7 a month 4 these hd channels,especially when we have full xl packages and the v+ box. I for one will not be paying for these channels as we should be getting them free. Also i will be returning 2 sky when my contract expires.

totally agree with everyone else.greed greed greed thats all it is,extra 7 quid a month for a second rate service i dont think so.i will definately be looking around for another supplier who doesnt resemble dick turpin….

i agree with all comments vigin media are a rip off and will loose to sky for good after selling there tv channels to them. i think sky will do the dirty on virgin again and proberly take all sky channels away from virgin again or finally buy out virginmedia for good if they had there own way. im also on xl tv but i don’t pay for the sports and movie channels because well over £20 a month is a rip of if i only like one sport only thats wwe wrestling they ar only on twice a week with there main shows raw n smackdown and movie channels always repeating films over n over again through the year so its a rip of for one sport program to watch i like. and for extra £7 for sky hd channels is a rip off also cause virgin should be sued by ofcom for breaching there contact because there tv ads etc said when you buy v hd box all hd channels they get will be on xl tv package for free but its not now cause sky hd sports/movies are £7 extra and to have that u have to pay for the SD versions also i think its very unfair and they both show the same content on both SD & HD versions. if sky ever gets all the ondemand catchup programming onto there sky boxes for free i will return back to them.

I admire Richard Branson which simply compounds my bafflement as to why everything virgin is so bad! I’m an “XL customer” (which I find a bit offensive by the way) I paid for two V+ boxes which are the worst and most unpredictable electronic hardware I’ve ever had. Frequently they don’t respond to the remote control and then catch up by jumping through 6 channels at once. other times they respond as if you’re pressing a completely different button and change channel when you don’t want to, when I turn on one of my TVs it spends 10 minutes on a blue screen before it finds the HDMI signal and there’s no way to hide channels you don’t want to scroll through (so if I’m scrolling through the mini menu with my kids to see what’s on, I have to go through the porn channels) I get my broadband, phone and TV from virgin and have done since it was taken over from NTL. and they want me to pay an extra £7 per month for HD channels which shouldn’t be a luxury. ARE THEY HAVING A LAUGH? must now be able to get it cheaper and certainly better from Sky.

Iain Armstrong

Will not be paying any more to VM Will consider freeview. sports too expensive now!

I have waited for a few days to see some of the other XL Package user’s comments. I would like to think that, if anyone at Virgin reads these notes, that Virgin have received the majority verdict; which is that having purchased the Virgin XL Package ‘we’ are not going to pay any additional subscriptions for a service which, frankly, ought to have been made available a long time ago as “standard”. Sorry Virgin you will not be getting any more of my cash; £100 per month is enough.

I too was told that Skysports HD would incur no extra charge and I am dissapointed to find that this is not the case. I am not, however, cut off my nose to spite my face and leave virgin. I just won’t watch in HD. Think very carefully before giving even more media power to Murdoch

I truly think you are making the biggest mistake of your short life by introducing an extra charge for HD channels which you told us would be free if you were on the XL package you should now take a serious look at your marketing department along with your so called customer services department who have strung many loyal Virgin Media customers along with their blatant lies, prepare yourself for a mass exodus if this disgraceful decision is not rescinded, myself included of course.Shame on you.

i have full package and have been a customer over 15 yrs. i have been repeatedly told over the months virgin is going hd…but was never told they were going to charge us for it. what a disgrace and a let down from virgin…i think i too will be looking to sky to see if they can give me a better deal. after all u can choose the matches u want to watch in the champions league with sky…via the red button.

I am totally disgusted with Virgin trying to squeeze every single penny from their customers, with a HD+ box and the XL package you expect to receive what you pay for . . .obviously not! I hope Virgin get to read these comments . . . . . they will lose customers if they are not careful, and i will certainly look else where once my contract is up for renewal.

Hey people can’t see what the problem is. I pay roughly £80 per month with Virgin for XL + 20meg b/band so an extra £7.00 for HD isn’t a problem. For the same package with Sky I was paying between £90 – over £100 per month when I was a customer with them. Don’t forget with Virgin we get ESPN free in both SD & HD with Sky you have to pay between an extra £9.00 – £12.00 dpending on which package you subscride to.

fair enough 7 pound a mnth seems a lot of money to pay on top of what we already pay for the extra channels ,but you go the pictures with your family once or twice a month it will cost you a hell of a lot more than 7 pound

i rejoined virgin recently i have the XL package and sports package part of my agreeing to sign up i was told when a deal with sky for their hd channels was reached i would not be charged extra. i will be cancelling my agreement because of this. and to suggest it is a MERE £7 a month extra in todays financial climate is ignorant to say the least very disapointing outcome. from soon to be SKY customer

also disgusted at chargind 7pounds for hd we have been customers for several years will be looking around for alternatives

It will be interesting to see HOW LONG the marketing people at Virgin will take to respond to customer outrage & not only drop this demand for an extra £7pm but
add on ALL Sky HD Channels for Virgin viewers. My contract expires very soon . …….Incidentally BSkyB foreign news programmes were very
enjoyable when I was with them–but they are not on Virgin !
Only broad-band on cable & freedom from atmospheric interference lured me away——looks like I’m heading back to BSkyB in September.

i pay well over £80 a month and was always under the impresstion the hd channels would come at no extra cost i along with probably 90% of your custurmers are not happy about this and think you should look at this again before people start to move to other service providers


i like a lot of people was told that when the sports hd channels are on board as i have the top package and 2 plus and one ordinary box also phone and broadband that they would just automaticley get them just found out £7 per box contract up end of aug so going to someone else and i have been with virgin(cable)since 1995 and pay over £100 so tara your loss

Sky TV
Sky TV £36
Entertainment Packs
Variety Pack
Premium Packs
Sports 1
Sports 2
3 Months Free (Then GBP 9.00)
Sky boxes
Sky boxes
Sky+HD box FREE
Upfront payment
10GBP off 1st month’s HD Pack
Standard set-up FREE
Sky Broadband & Talk
Sky Broadband & Talk
Broadband Unlimited £7.50 Monthly
Talk Freetime FREE
You are saving £5 per month by taking Sky Broadband Unlimited with Sky Talk

Initial Monthly cost £43.50
Ongoing Monthly cost £62.50
Upfront payment towards your first bill £10
This amount will be deducted from your first Sky bill.

i agree with everyone i upgraded my telly, my box and i have the broadband,telephone FULL PACKAGE. I will not be with you much longer if you want another £7 a month

I have read all the comments with great interest, and am appalled at Virgin Media’s “about turn” on deciding to make us pay an extra £7.00 for Sky’s HD channels, and let’s not forget, that is per box, I have two V+ HD boxes, that means a hike of £14.00 per month. Also I think that Sky will cheat Virgin Media by switching the Premier League and Champions League to Sky Sports 3 & 4, which as we all know will not be in HD on VM. So what will we get for our extra £7.00? Not a lot, I would suggest. I’ve done my sums, and It’s only an extra £3.00 to sign up for the full Sky TV package, including ESPN HD. So when my contract expires soon…..bye bye VM


i came from sky to virgin got 2 boxes broadband and phoneline pay £95 a month and now to watch the footy in hd they want another £7 a month.paid £75 for vPLUS HD BOX.not been working for 4 days and after 7 hours on phone over 3 days got a engineer coming out in 3 days time great service or what!i asked 2 speak to somebody about a discount on bill put on hold for75mins when i lost the will to live and put the phone down GREAT CUSTOMER phone me about every 2 weeks asking me to go back cant wait till they phone again

Really? Are all of the above for real. So go to Sky, long term you won’t save money and you will turn TV in this country into a monopoly. So we all leave Virgin and Sky become the only player in the market, what do you think they’ll charge us then? Does anybody remember when watching sport was free?

i think the person replying to the comments above needs to get real we pay alot for our subscription, we have just had a price rise i have been a customer since it was telewest and the prices keep on rising. HD was to be included with the XL package,what will we be paying when the 3D is available it will be cheaper to buy a car. I am not thinking of leaving virgin but they do have to watch their prices are people will change look after the customer the have got and stop being gready.

No way i pay enough,i think VMhave got a bloody cheek charging for HD CHANNELS, AND WILL THAT BE THE END OF IT? rather doubt it,they will start to charge us if more HD comes available..they can stick thier £7 charge

Elizabeth Cunningham

to all these people moaning about the 7 pound a mnth xtra ,you dnt have to av it you are nt being held at gunpoint ok so virgin said all the hd channels would be free you get nothing for free in this life.go to sky you get a bit of dodgy weather and hey presto no picture as i see it its better the devil you no

another 7pound disgrace

Virgin are heading for a big fall you can see by the comments they are far to greedy and expensive people have had enough. beware VIRGIN bring your prices in line or Sky will wipe to floor with you

after looking at all these comments surely the powers that be in virgin, will be hanging their heads in shame at the extra charges. i forcast a mass defect to other suppliers.

i was also informed that when skysports went h/d it would be free with the xl package i subscribe to.

I have XL TV and V+ box and like many others feel ripped off. Was told that these HD channels are part of the deal. I am already looking elseware. Sky dish on its way.

I am also on the xl tv broadband and phone and hd And the premium sports / movies my bill is £100 + a month and now you want an extra £7 to watch programs in hd don’t you think we are paying enough and all the movies you show you keep repeating them I will have to look into getting sky back your just too gready for my liking

Having read most of the comments above. I have to agree that acharge of another 7 pounds on top of an average monthly bill of 70 pounds is taking the mick. At this moment i have to use your system but icould be moving soon and will return to another supplier.So please use a modicum of commonsense and offer this free to XL BROADBAND and TELEPHONE users. Yours really fed up ALAN COTTRELL

Normally I don’t register comments, but I feel virgin customers are being ripped off including myself. Having the full XL package the same as others. When HD was coming thinking it was free, as we pay through the nose for our channels as it is I am digusted that they expect us to pay a further £7, all I can say to VM is bye bye, hello SKY.

I would think the 2 or 3 commenteers above, who are agreeing with V M are working for V M or are just plain stupid. Reign your necks in because you are definitely in the minority. Virginmedia get a grip.

I have had a xl package since noah was a lad and have just upgraded my multi-room box to hd because i like every one of you loyal customers thought i would recieve the sky sports and movies in hd free.
looking in the mirror now a stupid mug is looking back at media as lost all the respect i had for them,you continually lie to your customers, your broadband is laughable, and now you want more money for some service you definetly implied would be free.You are a disgrace to the service industry and thier should be a law governing your actions.for all new customers who feel conned i recommend they cancel thier directdebits and let you take them to court, you cant take them all to court and any lawer worth there saltwould wipe the floor with you,As for old customers like myself who have just had enough of your lousy treatment of us it look like a phone call to those nice people at sky and then you can come and pick yourequipment up,it will be in the front garden.Ohby the way dont go blaming sky,the goverment,aliens or anyone else,i remember when i got sky sports from you it was said i would be able to go interactive on the red button,another virgin lie to had to your tally.

colin heppenstall

the reason i signed up to a vip package with virgin was that i got told the skysports hd channels would be added on free of charge,now i have been told i have to pay £7 amonth for them,errrrrrrrrrr dont think so u cheating scumbags,this surely cant be allowed to happen,i have been misold a product and have been totally mislead,this is surely illegal advertising, i have phoned up 6 times to complain but am getting nowhere,if i dont get these channels for free,i want to be disconnected and not pay a disconnection fee, surely we have rights and must be able to do something about this shameful and shambolic behaviour,i am absoulutely fuming with thes con artists and will be getting this sorted, VIRGIN GET THIS SORTED OR ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL:

We have the XL package and the HD services as well as both sky packages for films and sport. When upgrading to HD we were sold that the sky packages will be HD later in the year which we thought was great for the price. After finding out about these HD packages I phoned up to complain at how disgusted we were at the extra £80 odd pound a year on top of our already £87 a month.

They were apologetic but stated there was nothing they could do as they rent the packages off sky at £10 per user and then charge the user £7 at a “discount” I stated then at a £71 per month sky offer with the same package it would make more sense going with them of which they did not complain or try to consider either way.

We have later found out that Sky have brought Virgin Media TV and therefore after discussing with my father who is the account holder we are going to wait till the end of the year as it could be a possibility that going with sky they will include this package eventually. If not our contract runs out at the end of the year and we will then consider sky.

i have xl and v plus box paying over 80 quid a month my bundle included sky sports news which i can no longer get and now virgin expect me to pay another 7 notes a month sorry looking for alternatives especially after that world cup not paying more to watch a load of overpaid actors and my team done the double

Rip Off, have to think about going elsewhere

David Fullerton

I arm also have XL and will not be paying an exta £7 for channels i have already got. Why would any pay twice for the same channel. I already have all sky sports and movie channels and now virgin want more money off me on top of the £70 i already pay just to have the same channels in HD

sadly as another disgruntled XL customer I won’t be paying the extra £7 -where’s the loyalty to your long term customers?

Just wondered if anybody has spoken to customer services re the above ? Ive heard they will try to reduce your bill if your adding the hd channels.
Some people are getting £7 off there current bill making the hd free. :0

Another annoyed XL customer. Give something back to your customers rather them fisting them for their hard earned pennies!! It is disgusting that i’ve been told I will have to spend an extra £7 for a few HD channels! NOT A CHANCE!!!

I wish you the best of luck (I think not) with yout latest scam on the intro of your new hd sports channels. It seems that there is no end to the amount of money you intend to screw out of your loyal subscribers.
Enough is enough. Already paying for the sports channels so can see no reason why me or anyone with the sports package should even consider paying any additional cost no matter how little.
Get a life !!!!!!

Like most of the people who have commented, I too have an XL package. When I was sold the V + HD box I was quite disappointed when I realised that Virgin had far less HD channels tham did Sky. However, Vigin said that they would be introducing many new HD channels in the near future. There was not any suggestion whatsover from Virgin that they would be charging customers for additional HD channels.

Like most of the people who have commented on this issue I am apppalled at the way Virgin are treating their established customers and I will be reviewing my options as to my future service provider.

Bill Bayliss

how can you now want to charege extra for sky sports hd when all your advertising states that virgin media dont have any monthly charges for hd this therefore is false advertisement dont say one thing then do anothe rht only reson i got v+ hd boxes was because of no cextra charges. you at virgin media are a disgreace and just want to fleece customers for all you can get

why dont virgin reply to complaints or even acknowledge them ?I wrote to virgin media because i could not get anywhere on the phone kept getting passed around and still no one contacted me that was 6 weeks ago i will be leaving you for sky asap so get your people sorted Mr Branson but i dont honestly really expect this e mail to even get read why do i bother ? £7 a month on top of top package you must be joking.

michael simmonds

After initial excitement at the announcement of the sport and movie HD channels, I am now extremely annoyed and disappointed with Virgin that an additional fee is required to obtain them on top of an already expensive bill I pay every month.

I seen the Sky Sports HD channels appear on box a few weeks ago and was deligheted and thought this is what I’ve been waiting for since joining Virgin (with V + HD box) over a year and was anticipating watching the premiership in HD. Then I’ve come home from work tonight and thought lets see sports in HD to get a message saying I have not subscribed thinking to myself – I have subsribed to everything Virign have offered and thought this must be a mistake. To say I was horrified when informed that to watch these channels I would need to pay £7 a month was a total under statement. I could not believe it!! Totally gutted but no way paying the extra £7 – next they will be asking me for some sort of human sacrifice!!

Derek Morrison

Yet another XXL supposedly “VIP” customer here. Just a few weeks ago i fought to get the 50 meg broadband for free which virgin relentlessly and shamelessly tried to sell me fro and extraordinary price. Now just when i thought id got one over on them for once they go and start charging for the new HD channels which again supposedly being a VIP customer i thought i would get. There is no end to this greed and until we all wake up and see how out of control capitalism has become we are just gonna have to keep paying a lot more for a little extra. Seems that my generation has to foot the bill to save the world anyways so whats another 7 quid for hd eh

When was the last time you REALLY got a good deal ?

no i cant remember either

yet another angry customer.
i am like all the other annoyed loyal vm customers.
i too are not willing to pay an extra £7 for two sports channels when we already pay a huge amount every month.
sick to death of vm, sky, etc conning their loyal customers when they should be looking after them.
weve been with vm for many years its was cable and wireless when we joined. weve have never been given anything from vm in all those think its about time us loyal customer were looked after.

Sky charge £10 extra to view HD channels so £7 to watch Sky Sports HD doesn’t seem too bad in comparison, especially when you consider that Virgin already offers many free to view HD channels. In my opinion all HD channels should be free to view in the first place, regardless of which package you are on, and I am quite sure that somewhere in the not too distant future they will be inclusive as HD becomes more popular.

I am so angry also……especially when i purchased HD 4 months ago i specifically asked when other channels became available in HD would there be a additional charged….I was told NO as long as you have the normal sister channel (Sky sports etc), so imagine my surprise when on Monday i checked Sky Sports HD and had no picture, i then ring and am told yes you probably were told that, but now its not the truth!!!!! Come on Virgin £100 a month we spend with you and are treated like Crap and treat customers with respect, the attitude of your call centre staff stunk and your so called manager was quite frankly obnoxious!!! i am in the process of checking with Sky on their prices as i beleive Virgin are in breach of contract (Albeit Verbal) and when i asked if we could listen to the original call (i was told we don’t record our calls) how convienient i suspect your call centre training consists of tell the customer what they want to hear to get them to sign up and don’t worry about the consequences as there will be no comeback………..DISGUSTING!!!!!

I wholeheartedly agree with the angry responses you have to charge a further seven pounds for HD service on Skysports. I think it is totally criminal when we pay a ludicrous amount already for the XL package.
Listen to people and try to assist them instead of charging additional costs.
I am also extremely angry as my e-mail service is down and having spent 20 minutes obtaining an operator, which I hasten to add was based in India, can barely speak English and then cut me off before I could give my complaint.


Henry Lightfoot

Hey hey hey I have been with you since the start have stayed loyal with BBand, phone, mobile, HD XL with Skysports etc but SEVEN POUNDS for Sky Sports HD – INSANE – GREEDY and SHORTSIGHTED _ YOU have pushed me to Sky bye bye….

I have read every comment, have to agree with everyone, this is out of order. Wake up virgin this could just about be the killing of a company.

Agree with all the comments. I Pay nearly £80 a month for XL package inclusinf Sky Sports. The last six months I’ve had constant disruption with both my TV service and my TV channels. Out of good will alone you’d think the new HD line up would be free to XL customers. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years!!! As soon as I can get Sky, I will, at the moment I can’t get permission for a dish on rented property so I’m stuck with these cowboys 🙁


I agree with every coment about leaving virgin and going to sky times are hard
enough without this disloyalty to old customers

av just had a call from virgin offering me free hd plus movies plus to halve my telephone bill to stay with them the OWL,S will be champs this season

i too was understanding that the new HD channels would be free to customers using the top package (£125.00) now there is to be a charge of £7.00 per month for it well you can stick it i have already been in touch with sky who have offered what we are already paying virgin + the new channels, at a very much reduced price although the download speed will drop (which i can live with). Sounds like virgin must be keen anglers give the bait then reel the customers in, well i for one will not be biting there are six virgin customers in my immediate family that are doing the same as i. so good luck for the future (that is if you have one.

virgin media what a load of CRAP !!!!!! first they tell me if i take th XL pack HD will be free total bull , the tecnical support have no clue of what they doing im struggling for last month just to find out a 8 digit password
and they push me from pillar to post just spend 35 mins on a call and still my problem is not sorted i called them 5 times in the last month with no result . im am so sorry i left SKY and dont recommend Virgin to anyone !

I think virgin media have made a serious miscalculation, the extra revenue they may generate from the few customers daft enough to stump up an extra £7 for HD will in no way cover the droves of customers now looking to leave them full stop after this slap in the face. Personally i have two v+HD boxes and pay well over £80 a month, given that all the other HD channels (including ESPN HD) are free to XL customers i feel that SKY SPORTS HD channels should be included on the top package as well.
I am going to send an email to virgin with a link to this page, perhaps after reading the comments from hundreds of loyal yet disatisfied customers they might re-think this strategy (dont hold your breath though)

I agree with all of the comments. I too pay for HD TV and subscribe to the complete sky sports package and would expect to recieve the 2 HD sports channels free of charge. As far as I am concerned Virgin can keep their TV packages I am going to Sky as soon as my contract expires at least they do not charge extra for any added HD channels.

I AGREE WITH ALL YOUR COMMENTS SKY HAVE SKY 1 2 3 4 AND 5 WONDER WHAT VIRGIN WILL BE CHARGING EXTRA WHEN 3 4 AND 5 GO HD. The only thing I have against sky is the telephone charges which are all 0845 or 0870 numbers which after a half hour call the cost is enormous. At the moment I do not have a BT phone line and they want £125 quid to install one, on a good point for Virgin, all calls from their lines are free when calling 150 which is a good saving on what it costs to call SKY. This is the only reason I would not go back to sky. Another point is being disabled I need a phone in alot of rooms and going to sky and having to be connnected to a BT line all the time, this takes up I think 1/1/2 lan which means I wouldn`t be able to have all the phones I require, and means I would require 2 lines from BT at more extra cost as a line only takes up to 4 lan which I need for my current phones.

As most of the other customers have stated, I too spend over £90 a month to Virgin and was told HD sports would be coming soon, but an extra £7 a month was not mentioned. I have just been looking on Sky tv costs and may well be changing asap to reduce my bill for the same package, after being loyal to Virgin for approx. 15 years. I think Virgin may well rue this extra charge when many customers leave them.

I also have the xl package and took on 2 V+HD boxes in May. How can they justify charging for watching HD when they don’t leave the proper cables. At the moment I have 3 tv and only 1 is HD

hi i have been with virgin media now for 7 years and never had a problem.i have the vip package, top tv,top phone and 50mb broadband,i also have 3 v+ boxes and only paying £110 per month.i have just recieved a letter telling me there will be no extra charge for my hd chanels.if you are on the top package give vm a ring and ask them to upgrade you the vip package, it will work out cheaper than the xxl package.that also includes the 50mb the way if anyone tells you that you dont get 50mb download they dont know what they are talking about,download speeds depend on the servers you are downloading from,and most sites cant handle 20mb upwards.if you are downloading torrents,ie music and films you will never get full speed no matter what provider you have.peer to peer is notoriously slow

what a rip off £7 for what something we was led to belive we would get in a XL package. greed.

This may just be the last straw. My bill has been over £100 a month for some time, and like many others I feel that my loyalty is being abused by Virgin. Enough!

i just had there v+ box installed and now find out that they want an extra 7 pounds a month for me to view sky sports and movies in hd. what planet is this company on? their charges at the moment are already ridiculous but i feel this may just be the straw that broke the camels back. enough is enough

I have the full VIP package including 50Mb BB and I get Sky HD TV for nothing. My month bill is about £98.

I gladly paid the £7.00 per month for Sky Sports HD1 and HD2, the only problem was that the picture quality on my new Sony Bravia TV was no different to the Sky sports SD.
When the Virgin engineer came to change the HD box he said he could not see any difference between the two picture qualities.
Quick solution, I canceled it.

OK peopel chill out, sky charge anyone who wants HD £10 a month and thats for the basic channels,

VM get these for free, £7 is a small charge considering howmuch sky are probably charging virgin for the HD channels.

I recently did a quote on sky for my package and sky was £30 more expensive and that was with less channels and worse broadband, so Virgin is still top notch in my books. stop your complaining

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