Latest Broadband Deals Offers Sky Sports HD On Virgin

Virgin Media ( has added Sky Sports HD1 and Sky Sports HD2 to its High Definition TV line up with customers able to watch the premium channels from the 2nd of August.
Existing Virgin Media customers already subscribing to a Virgin TV package containing Sky Sports in standard definition need only pay an additional £7 a month on top of their TV package for the HD subscription.

The Virgin Media V HD set top box is required and is currently free of charge, while the V+HD box costs a one-off £49.
New customers considering joining Virgin Media can choose from 3 specially created football TV packages. These cost from £27.50 a month and include 65 digital TV channels, Sky Sports HD1 and HD2, Sky Sports 3 and 4, Sky Sports News, plus unlimited UK weekend landline calls.
On demand catch up TV services like the BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player, 4OD and the Virgin 1 Player are also included in the package and can be watched on Virgin TV.
Commenting on the launch, Virgin Media’s Executive Director of Digital Entertainment, Cindy Rose, said: “As the new home of HD telly, we’re delighted to bring our customers Sky Sports in HD at incredibly competitive rates.
Rose continued: “With the rapid growth of HD content, customers are demanding more and more from their TV service, and with our growing range of HD channels and on demand content in HD, Virgin Media is the best place for the whole families’ entertainment needs”.
Ten Sky Movies HD channels have also been added, which together with the forthcoming additions of Sky1 HD and Sky Arts HD brings Virgin Media’s total number of HD channels to 30.
Virgin Media’s HD sport line up also includes ESPN HD, EuroSport HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD with the latter three not costing any additional subscription cost.

Interesed readers can find out more and build their own TV, broadband, phone and Sky Sports bundle at the website.
Readers can also review Sky’s own Sky Sports HD offer with free broadband and phone calls at the website – with new customers subscribing to Sky+HD online also qualifying for a free £50 Marks & Spencer voucher.

143 thoughts on “ Offers Sky Sports HD On Virgin

Having read most of the comments above. I have to agree that acharge of another 7 pounds on top of an average monthly bill of 70 pounds is taking the mick. At this moment i have to use your system but icould be moving soon and will return to another supplier.So please use a modicum of commonsense and offer this free to XL BROADBAND and TELEPHONE users. Yours really fed up ALAN COTTRELL

Normally I don’t register comments, but I feel virgin customers are being ripped off including myself. Having the full XL package the same as others. When HD was coming thinking it was free, as we pay through the nose for our channels as it is I am digusted that they expect us to pay a further £7, all I can say to VM is bye bye, hello SKY.

I would think the 2 or 3 commenteers above, who are agreeing with V M are working for V M or are just plain stupid. Reign your necks in because you are definitely in the minority. Virginmedia get a grip.

I have had a xl package since noah was a lad and have just upgraded my multi-room box to hd because i like every one of you loyal customers thought i would recieve the sky sports and movies in hd free.
looking in the mirror now a stupid mug is looking back at media as lost all the respect i had for them,you continually lie to your customers, your broadband is laughable, and now you want more money for some service you definetly implied would be free.You are a disgrace to the service industry and thier should be a law governing your actions.for all new customers who feel conned i recommend they cancel thier directdebits and let you take them to court, you cant take them all to court and any lawer worth there saltwould wipe the floor with you,As for old customers like myself who have just had enough of your lousy treatment of us it look like a phone call to those nice people at sky and then you can come and pick yourequipment up,it will be in the front garden.Ohby the way dont go blaming sky,the goverment,aliens or anyone else,i remember when i got sky sports from you it was said i would be able to go interactive on the red button,another virgin lie to had to your tally.

colin heppenstall

the reason i signed up to a vip package with virgin was that i got told the skysports hd channels would be added on free of charge,now i have been told i have to pay £7 amonth for them,errrrrrrrrrr dont think so u cheating scumbags,this surely cant be allowed to happen,i have been misold a product and have been totally mislead,this is surely illegal advertising, i have phoned up 6 times to complain but am getting nowhere,if i dont get these channels for free,i want to be disconnected and not pay a disconnection fee, surely we have rights and must be able to do something about this shameful and shambolic behaviour,i am absoulutely fuming with thes con artists and will be getting this sorted, VIRGIN GET THIS SORTED OR ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL:

We have the XL package and the HD services as well as both sky packages for films and sport. When upgrading to HD we were sold that the sky packages will be HD later in the year which we thought was great for the price. After finding out about these HD packages I phoned up to complain at how disgusted we were at the extra £80 odd pound a year on top of our already £87 a month.

They were apologetic but stated there was nothing they could do as they rent the packages off sky at £10 per user and then charge the user £7 at a “discount” I stated then at a £71 per month sky offer with the same package it would make more sense going with them of which they did not complain or try to consider either way.

We have later found out that Sky have brought Virgin Media TV and therefore after discussing with my father who is the account holder we are going to wait till the end of the year as it could be a possibility that going with sky they will include this package eventually. If not our contract runs out at the end of the year and we will then consider sky.

i have xl and v plus box paying over 80 quid a month my bundle included sky sports news which i can no longer get and now virgin expect me to pay another 7 notes a month sorry looking for alternatives especially after that world cup not paying more to watch a load of overpaid actors and my team done the double

Rip Off, have to think about going elsewhere

David Fullerton

I arm also have XL and will not be paying an exta £7 for channels i have already got. Why would any pay twice for the same channel. I already have all sky sports and movie channels and now virgin want more money off me on top of the £70 i already pay just to have the same channels in HD

sadly as another disgruntled XL customer I won’t be paying the extra £7 -where’s the loyalty to your long term customers?

Just wondered if anybody has spoken to customer services re the above ? Ive heard they will try to reduce your bill if your adding the hd channels.
Some people are getting £7 off there current bill making the hd free. :0

Another annoyed XL customer. Give something back to your customers rather them fisting them for their hard earned pennies!! It is disgusting that i’ve been told I will have to spend an extra £7 for a few HD channels! NOT A CHANCE!!!

I wish you the best of luck (I think not) with yout latest scam on the intro of your new hd sports channels. It seems that there is no end to the amount of money you intend to screw out of your loyal subscribers.
Enough is enough. Already paying for the sports channels so can see no reason why me or anyone with the sports package should even consider paying any additional cost no matter how little.
Get a life !!!!!!

Like most of the people who have commented, I too have an XL package. When I was sold the V + HD box I was quite disappointed when I realised that Virgin had far less HD channels tham did Sky. However, Vigin said that they would be introducing many new HD channels in the near future. There was not any suggestion whatsover from Virgin that they would be charging customers for additional HD channels.

Like most of the people who have commented on this issue I am apppalled at the way Virgin are treating their established customers and I will be reviewing my options as to my future service provider.

Bill Bayliss

how can you now want to charege extra for sky sports hd when all your advertising states that virgin media dont have any monthly charges for hd this therefore is false advertisement dont say one thing then do anothe rht only reson i got v+ hd boxes was because of no cextra charges. you at virgin media are a disgreace and just want to fleece customers for all you can get

why dont virgin reply to complaints or even acknowledge them ?I wrote to virgin media because i could not get anywhere on the phone kept getting passed around and still no one contacted me that was 6 weeks ago i will be leaving you for sky asap so get your people sorted Mr Branson but i dont honestly really expect this e mail to even get read why do i bother ? £7 a month on top of top package you must be joking.

michael simmonds

After initial excitement at the announcement of the sport and movie HD channels, I am now extremely annoyed and disappointed with Virgin that an additional fee is required to obtain them on top of an already expensive bill I pay every month.

I seen the Sky Sports HD channels appear on box a few weeks ago and was deligheted and thought this is what I’ve been waiting for since joining Virgin (with V + HD box) over a year and was anticipating watching the premiership in HD. Then I’ve come home from work tonight and thought lets see sports in HD to get a message saying I have not subscribed thinking to myself – I have subsribed to everything Virign have offered and thought this must be a mistake. To say I was horrified when informed that to watch these channels I would need to pay £7 a month was a total under statement. I could not believe it!! Totally gutted but no way paying the extra £7 – next they will be asking me for some sort of human sacrifice!!

Derek Morrison

Yet another XXL supposedly “VIP” customer here. Just a few weeks ago i fought to get the 50 meg broadband for free which virgin relentlessly and shamelessly tried to sell me fro and extraordinary price. Now just when i thought id got one over on them for once they go and start charging for the new HD channels which again supposedly being a VIP customer i thought i would get. There is no end to this greed and until we all wake up and see how out of control capitalism has become we are just gonna have to keep paying a lot more for a little extra. Seems that my generation has to foot the bill to save the world anyways so whats another 7 quid for hd eh

When was the last time you REALLY got a good deal ?

no i cant remember either

yet another angry customer.
i am like all the other annoyed loyal vm customers.
i too are not willing to pay an extra £7 for two sports channels when we already pay a huge amount every month.
sick to death of vm, sky, etc conning their loyal customers when they should be looking after them.
weve been with vm for many years its was cable and wireless when we joined. weve have never been given anything from vm in all those think its about time us loyal customer were looked after.

Sky charge £10 extra to view HD channels so £7 to watch Sky Sports HD doesn’t seem too bad in comparison, especially when you consider that Virgin already offers many free to view HD channels. In my opinion all HD channels should be free to view in the first place, regardless of which package you are on, and I am quite sure that somewhere in the not too distant future they will be inclusive as HD becomes more popular.

I am so angry also……especially when i purchased HD 4 months ago i specifically asked when other channels became available in HD would there be a additional charged….I was told NO as long as you have the normal sister channel (Sky sports etc), so imagine my surprise when on Monday i checked Sky Sports HD and had no picture, i then ring and am told yes you probably were told that, but now its not the truth!!!!! Come on Virgin £100 a month we spend with you and are treated like Crap and treat customers with respect, the attitude of your call centre staff stunk and your so called manager was quite frankly obnoxious!!! i am in the process of checking with Sky on their prices as i beleive Virgin are in breach of contract (Albeit Verbal) and when i asked if we could listen to the original call (i was told we don’t record our calls) how convienient i suspect your call centre training consists of tell the customer what they want to hear to get them to sign up and don’t worry about the consequences as there will be no comeback………..DISGUSTING!!!!!

I wholeheartedly agree with the angry responses you have to charge a further seven pounds for HD service on Skysports. I think it is totally criminal when we pay a ludicrous amount already for the XL package.
Listen to people and try to assist them instead of charging additional costs.
I am also extremely angry as my e-mail service is down and having spent 20 minutes obtaining an operator, which I hasten to add was based in India, can barely speak English and then cut me off before I could give my complaint.


Henry Lightfoot

Hey hey hey I have been with you since the start have stayed loyal with BBand, phone, mobile, HD XL with Skysports etc but SEVEN POUNDS for Sky Sports HD – INSANE – GREEDY and SHORTSIGHTED _ YOU have pushed me to Sky bye bye….

I have read every comment, have to agree with everyone, this is out of order. Wake up virgin this could just about be the killing of a company.

Agree with all the comments. I Pay nearly £80 a month for XL package inclusinf Sky Sports. The last six months I’ve had constant disruption with both my TV service and my TV channels. Out of good will alone you’d think the new HD line up would be free to XL customers. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years!!! As soon as I can get Sky, I will, at the moment I can’t get permission for a dish on rented property so I’m stuck with these cowboys :(


I agree with every coment about leaving virgin and going to sky times are hard
enough without this disloyalty to old customers

av just had a call from virgin offering me free hd plus movies plus to halve my telephone bill to stay with them the OWL,S will be champs this season

i too was understanding that the new HD channels would be free to customers using the top package (£125.00) now there is to be a charge of £7.00 per month for it well you can stick it i have already been in touch with sky who have offered what we are already paying virgin + the new channels, at a very much reduced price although the download speed will drop (which i can live with). Sounds like virgin must be keen anglers give the bait then reel the customers in, well i for one will not be biting there are six virgin customers in my immediate family that are doing the same as i. so good luck for the future (that is if you have one.

virgin media what a load of CRAP !!!!!! first they tell me if i take th XL pack HD will be free total bull , the tecnical support have no clue of what they doing im struggling for last month just to find out a 8 digit password
and they push me from pillar to post just spend 35 mins on a call and still my problem is not sorted i called them 5 times in the last month with no result . im am so sorry i left SKY and dont recommend Virgin to anyone !

I think virgin media have made a serious miscalculation, the extra revenue they may generate from the few customers daft enough to stump up an extra £7 for HD will in no way cover the droves of customers now looking to leave them full stop after this slap in the face. Personally i have two v+HD boxes and pay well over £80 a month, given that all the other HD channels (including ESPN HD) are free to XL customers i feel that SKY SPORTS HD channels should be included on the top package as well.
I am going to send an email to virgin with a link to this page, perhaps after reading the comments from hundreds of loyal yet disatisfied customers they might re-think this strategy (dont hold your breath though)

I agree with all of the comments. I too pay for HD TV and subscribe to the complete sky sports package and would expect to recieve the 2 HD sports channels free of charge. As far as I am concerned Virgin can keep their TV packages I am going to Sky as soon as my contract expires at least they do not charge extra for any added HD channels.

I AGREE WITH ALL YOUR COMMENTS SKY HAVE SKY 1 2 3 4 AND 5 WONDER WHAT VIRGIN WILL BE CHARGING EXTRA WHEN 3 4 AND 5 GO HD. The only thing I have against sky is the telephone charges which are all 0845 or 0870 numbers which after a half hour call the cost is enormous. At the moment I do not have a BT phone line and they want £125 quid to install one, on a good point for Virgin, all calls from their lines are free when calling 150 which is a good saving on what it costs to call SKY. This is the only reason I would not go back to sky. Another point is being disabled I need a phone in alot of rooms and going to sky and having to be connnected to a BT line all the time, this takes up I think 1/1/2 lan which means I wouldn`t be able to have all the phones I require, and means I would require 2 lines from BT at more extra cost as a line only takes up to 4 lan which I need for my current phones.

As most of the other customers have stated, I too spend over £90 a month to Virgin and was told HD sports would be coming soon, but an extra £7 a month was not mentioned. I have just been looking on Sky tv costs and may well be changing asap to reduce my bill for the same package, after being loyal to Virgin for approx. 15 years. I think Virgin may well rue this extra charge when many customers leave them.

I also have the xl package and took on 2 V+HD boxes in May. How can they justify charging for watching HD when they don’t leave the proper cables. At the moment I have 3 tv and only 1 is HD

hi i have been with virgin media now for 7 years and never had a problem.i have the vip package, top tv,top phone and 50mb broadband,i also have 3 v+ boxes and only paying £110 per month.i have just recieved a letter telling me there will be no extra charge for my hd chanels.if you are on the top package give vm a ring and ask them to upgrade you the vip package, it will work out cheaper than the xxl package.that also includes the 50mb the way if anyone tells you that you dont get 50mb download they dont know what they are talking about,download speeds depend on the servers you are downloading from,and most sites cant handle 20mb upwards.if you are downloading torrents,ie music and films you will never get full speed no matter what provider you have.peer to peer is notoriously slow

what a rip off £7 for what something we was led to belive we would get in a XL package. greed.

This may just be the last straw. My bill has been over £100 a month for some time, and like many others I feel that my loyalty is being abused by Virgin. Enough!

i just had there v+ box installed and now find out that they want an extra 7 pounds a month for me to view sky sports and movies in hd. what planet is this company on? their charges at the moment are already ridiculous but i feel this may just be the straw that broke the camels back. enough is enough

I have the full VIP package including 50Mb BB and I get Sky HD TV for nothing. My month bill is about £98.

I gladly paid the £7.00 per month for Sky Sports HD1 and HD2, the only problem was that the picture quality on my new Sony Bravia TV was no different to the Sky sports SD.
When the Virgin engineer came to change the HD box he said he could not see any difference between the two picture qualities.
Quick solution, I canceled it.

OK peopel chill out, sky charge anyone who wants HD £10 a month and thats for the basic channels,

VM get these for free, £7 is a small charge considering howmuch sky are probably charging virgin for the HD channels.

I recently did a quote on sky for my package and sky was £30 more expensive and that was with less channels and worse broadband, so Virgin is still top notch in my books. stop your complaining

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